Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Naked Ejuice

Naked 100 E Liquid is a brand manufactured by The Schwartz E Liquid group which has a vision of fruity simple flavor profiles that don’t require hyping, the experience hypes itself. Naked 100 E Liquid aims to provide you with a cleaner, more natural tasting vape juice experience than you’ve become accustomed to. Entries like Lava Flow, Green Blast, and Amazing Mango challenge you to vape better. Berry Belts 60ML by naked juice 100 Candy brought me back to my childhood. Saving up allowance just to stop at the liquor store on the corner with friends to buy those packs of sour candy belts. Those long sugary sour belts packed with flavor that made your cheeks tingle. Yup, that is what this is, right here. Completely, mind blown by how Naked 100 Candy was able to capture all that flavor. The experience of trying this ejuice was sweet, just like the way it brought back fun childhood memories.