Wednesday, August 23, 2017

About Reds Apple Ejuice

Every once in awhile, an ejuice comes along that outshines all others. Reds Apple eJuice is one of these types. While the concept of apple juice sounded delicious, there were two barriers to my buying this juice:

It’s only available in 6mg, 3mg or 0mg (and I vape 12 mg/ml so you see the problem here), and I can’t count how many ejuices claim to taste like something fruity and end up gross. But it must have been pretty compelling since I decided to go ahead and order Reds.

At first taste, the bright and intense apple flavor is phenomenal. Let me rephrase that: it’s really outstanding. It’s virtually equivalent to taking a big swig from a cold glass of apple juice–almost identical.

Reds Apple eJuice

I don’t mean fresh-squeezed natural apple juice, but the really delicious, but probably not good for you type of sweetened apple juice. Think Motts.

When vaping Reds Apple, the flavors come through both in your sense of taste and smell. Even the people right next to me suddenly came to life and asked me what I was vaping that smelled so good. It has all the nuances of a bite into a fresh apple, but fragrance-wise, it’s more intense than a regular apple. If I had to ding the ejuice for one thing, it’d be that I almost catch a small whiff of alcohol on the tail end of the exhale, but as someone who enjoys a drink or two every once in awhile, this is not altogether a bad thing. Besides, after a few times, all you notice is the intense apple flavor.